The Kansas District is a part of the Kansas-Missouri Region of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, which held its first Annual Conference under the leadership of Bishop Isaac Lane in 1882, in St. Louis, Missouri. Today, the district spans geographically from Colorado on the west to Kansas City, Kansas on the east and Wichita, Kansas to the south. For years, one Presiding Elder presided over both Kansas and Missouri districts (more recently, Presiding Elders Rev. Parris C. Campbell Jr., Rev. Samuel Hutson Jr., Rev. Dr. David L. Bryant Jr., and Rev. Wayne W. Mays). Recent Kansas District Presiding Elders were Rev. Dr. Alvin R. Scott, Rev. Dr. Hollis Booker, and Rev. James C. Hendricks Sr.

The current Presiding Elder is Rev. Anthony C. Hill (2017) who serves at the pleasure of the Rt. Rev. Sylvester Williams Sr., Presiding Prelate of the Third Episcopal District. Presiding Elder Hill resides with his wife La Tasha and their children in Colorado Springs, Colorado.